Multi Data Center Decommissioning & Hardware Disposal

The Client

A Fortune 500 Technology company with data centers across North America, Europe and Asia was in need of data center clean-out, hardware recycling and hard drive data destruction services.

Client Challenge

The client was under pressure to complete their data center migration and consolidation projects. Each month of delay resulted in several hundred thousand dollars in charges from their colocation providers. Faced with a time crunch, the client need to securely and efficiently remove all server & network hardware, racks and cabling from three North American data centers, and one data center located in the Netherlands, totaling over 200 racks worth of hardware across all four sites.

Project Requirements

Project Management, Time-Sensitive Logistics, Complete Clean-out of all server cabinets, servers, network equipment and cabling, certified on-site hard drive shredding services, and hardware liquidation services.

ITEC Approach

ITEC specializes in providing comprehensive data center decommissioning services, covering hard drive data destruction, data center clean-out and logistics, hardware removal & re-marketing and E-Waste recycling. ITEC’s team takes a hands-on approach to data center decommissioning projects. Our consultants and technicians take care of every aspect of the data center decommissioning project, and ensure all data center clean-outs are done in a timely and secure manner, freeing up our client so they can focus on their core every-day responsibilities.

ITEC Results

ITEC’s team was able to schedule and complete the clean-out and decommissioning of our client’s three North American and one European data centers concurrently, in less than a week. In completing the project in such a timely manner, our client was able to avoid having to pay an additional month’s rent for their four data centers, and saved over $500,000.

In addition, ITEC provided our client with certified hard drive shredding services, which enabled our client to maintain compliance with all data security and privacy laws.

Lastly, ITEC was able to off-set the costs of our client’s hard drive data destruction, data center de-installation, equipment removal and logistics costs by providing industry best hardware liquidation services. ITEC was able to re-market our client’s decommissioned servers and network equipment, which resulted in a NET payment to our customer.

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